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  • It’s September! | Life Lately

    It’s September! | Life Lately
  • Nutritious Fruit Smoothie Recipe with Protein + Flax

    Nutritious Fruit Smoothie Recipe with Protein + Flax
  • Back to School – 2019!

    Back to School – 2019!
  • Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products

    Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products

Road Trip 2019 – California Cousins & Swimming, Pt. 3

Hey there! Today I’m sharing part 3 of our trip when Jarret, me and the kids drove down to California to spend a week with his side of the family. While Jarret was in California, his parents threw a big get to together for his family & cousins to see him and the kids. The last time Jarret had been out was 2+ years ago, so most of his family hadn’t seen him in a while… But everyone picks up…


Road Trip 2019 – Utah’s Bridal Veil Falls + Yuba Lake, Pt. 2

Well…we’re finally back from our month-long, family-filled summer road trip!!! We were gone for the whole month of July visiting family in Utah and California. Jarret met us halfway thru and flew into Utah and flew out from California. We had so much fun and lots of family memories made! Over the next week, I’m going to recap our vacation in a few different posts. I brought my computer along with me to update while on the road but it…


Road Trip 2019 – 4th of July in Utah, Pt. 1

Hi Friends, Happy July! The kids and I are gone for the whole month visiting family. Two weeks in Utah and two weeks in California! Jarret will join us halfway through to see both my family and his family. We look forward to this trip every year, especially the kids! In my attempt to keep it real and share my struggles too, I wanted to share this… morgan harper nichols quote Here’s a graphic that came up in my Instagram…


Creating a Bedtime Routine for Big Kids

When you think of creating a bedtime routine you probably think of babies and toddlers right!?! Well, it’s just as important to create a nighttime routine for your big kids too. As I’m writing this post, my kids are in elementary school and middle school. Over time I’ve made adjustments to their routines and bedtimes according to their age or if they’re on school breaks. This doesn’t mean my kids aren’t asking me to stay up later because they do,…


Celebrating & Family Update

Hi Friends, Happy Tuesday! Over the past few weeks, we celebrated our 13-year wedding anniversary and my 33rd birthday!!! Because Jarret was at work on our anniversary he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers that were delivered. They were so pretty and the house smelled amazing!!! Here we are, all piled into “Goldie”(Jarret’s commuter car) on our way to church Sunday morning. Teaching our kids life skills. This year has been the year of Bryce learning more about basic…


Is Your Grocery Budget Keeping You Broke?

Hi Friends, today we are going to talk about a grocery budget, yay!!! I know, I know groceries…budgets…yuck… This is real because this budgeting area right here can save you money and can be easily overlooked. Everyone in this day and age is looking for ways to save money, cut back their spending and have more money left after bills. And you know what, I get it, sometimes your bills are your bills and you can’t cut them back. The…


Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Hi Friends! Did you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend?!? We did a bunch of little things that kept us busy throughout the long weekend. Keep reading and I’ll walk you through it…😊 The last day of school was on Thursday and it was such a good feeling for the kids and me! Yay, it’s summer! On Friday we took care of some business. First-order of business was to go to the mall and hit up the new Bath & Body…


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