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  • Back to School – 2019!

    Back to School – 2019!
  • Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products

    Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products
  • Tips on Packing For a Summer Road trip

    Tips on Packing For a Summer Road trip
  • Road Trip 2019 – Utah Randomness, Pt. 5

    Road Trip 2019 – Utah Randomness, Pt. 5

A Tornado Went Through Our Neighborhood

Hi friends, how are you doing today!?! Yesterday I went to the eye doctor and I’m getting a pair of glasses for the computer or any device use and reading. My eyes can’t take it anymore, it is taking me so long to work on the computer because my eyes are straining. They should be in next week. If you follow me on Instagram then you know a tornado went throughout our neighborhood last week… That’s one sentence that I…


Easter Break 2019

Hi Friends! Our weather over Easter Break was beautiful!!! We spent most of our time outdoors. The last couple of years the weather on Easter had been freezing! But this year, it was warm and we soaked up the sun and had fun! One thing that’s always missing is family and I know that one day we’ll be able to spend more holidays together, I can feel it. I miss family the most around holidays, and I have to remind…


How to Start An Allowance System For Your Kids

Hey Friends, Today I want to chat with you about allowance and show you how to set up your own system. We’ve been giving our kids a steady allowance since the beginning of the year and it has worked out great! Our kids’ ages are 6, 8, and 12. Now I wasn’t always a believer in giving allowance to kids. One of the reasons was I didn’t want my kids to earn money from doing chores they should do anyway.…


For Every Season Comes Change

Hi Friends, Spring had Sprung in this part of the country…finally! The grass is green again, the flowers are blooming and we are enjoying the warmer temperatures.🌷 Every year since moving to the Midwest I always say, I survived another winter, lol! I always chuckle to myself while saying it, as if I surprised myself that I made it, ha! MehaffeyMoments is going to be changing a little over the course of this month. I’m going to be gearing most…


10 Best Easy Easter Desserts and Treats

Hi Friends! Today I’m sharing 10 Easter Desserts and Treats that look so good, you have to try! I’ve got that Spring pep in my step and I’m ready to make some fun recipes to go along with it. I thought I would share some of my favorites from Pinterest! There’s a little variety for everyone… I know my girls are going to be so excited with the Bunny Mix below. 1. Bunny Tail Trail Mix Polka Dots Please //…


Enjoying Trail Springs Bike Park

Hi Friends, long time no talk! It’s been a minute since I posted a blog post but I wanted to share some pictures from Sunday. We ventured to Trail Springs Bike Park, Two Rivers and enjoyed the sun and outdoors. Jarret and Bryce rode their bikes on the west loop trail and we walked a section of the trail. The trail is about 6 miles give or take so the girls and I did about 2-2½ miles and then hung…


Spring Break 2019

Hi Friends! Today is our first day back from Spring Break and it was a hard start for the kids this morning. This year I signed Bryce & Naomi up for Spring Break Day Camp and it worked out great since we stayed home. The camp went on daily field trips, swimming, and had p.e., movies and games. It was the perfect things to keep them busy, engaged and having fun! Since camp is too overstimulating for Maddie, we had…


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