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  • 4th of July in Utah

    4th of July in Utah
  • Creating a Bedtime Routine for Big Kids

    Creating a Bedtime Routine for Big Kids
  • Celebrating & Family Update

    Celebrating & Family Update
  • Is Your Grocery Budget Keeping You Broke?

    Is Your Grocery Budget Keeping You Broke?

Mini Fall Decor Tour | Affordable

Hi Friends, today I wanted to give you a mini Fall Decor tour and show you how affordable it can be to decorate your house. Also Happy October, now we are officially in Fall mode and I’d have to say, Fall is my favorite time of year. Of course Christmas is a close runner up but I feel that it comes and goes so fast! Fall is such a great time in our family because the kids are in sports…



Hey y’all, Happy Fall!!! Finally right? I have been waiting for Fall weather to be here, it has been so humid lately and I’m ready for a little cool down. Now I didn’t say I’m ready for winter though… Now before I start my Life Lately post, did you all notice the whole blog redesign, hello? I am in love with the new-clean look and feel!! I’ve been working behind the scene to get all my recipes organized and make…



Today Naomi turns 6 years old! Since her birthday fell on a Monday and the kids are in school and Jarret is back at work, we celebrated Saturday afternoon. We started the day off by me taking Naomi to her soccer game & pictures, then we went straight to Bryce’s football game and met up with Jarret & Maddie.  (When we have games at the same time or Bryce has to be to the field during Naomi’s game, Jarret always…



Hi friends! Today I have an easy slow cooker recipe for you, Chicken Taco Soup. I love this recipe because all you do is empty/pour in the ingredients, set it on low and it’s budget friendly! During the Fall & Winter months, I really enjoy making soups for dinner, especially when it’s cold outside. Nothing’s better than coming inside, taking all your gloves, beanie, jackets, boots off and sitting down to warm up with a nice bowl of soup. This…



Future of my Blog – Hi friends and family! Are you as happy as I am that it’s September? I love September, that’s when the weather here starts to change, you can feel it in the air and it just gets you excited for Fall!!! I know I’ve been a little absent here lately with updates on how we’re doing and what we are up to etc., it’s not on purpose, I’m just getting a list of things done now…



Hey friends! Last week I took a social media break, a detox if you will, from Facebook and mainly Instagram. It ended up being 8 full days, I logged out on Friday morning and didn’t log back in till the following Saturday morning; and it felt great!I have to admit, it was weird not checking Instagram regularly and seeing what people were posting etc. It was becoming mentally unhealthy and I was spending way too much time on social media. I…



Hi friends, how’s your week going so far…? My week had a great start with Jarret being home Monday morning, he got to do the school drop off and we ran some errands together. The last time he was home on a Monday morning was sometime in March! Ok, so…Sunday was Bryce’s 12th birthday, our first baby is 12!!?! How can that be…it seems like yesterday he was in 3rd grade or even younger. A lot of times I have…


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