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  • It’s September! | Life Lately

    It’s September! | Life Lately
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    Nutritious Fruit Smoothie Recipe with Protein + Flax
  • Back to School – 2019!

    Back to School – 2019!
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    Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products


One of my favorite things about this past weekend was that the temperature is finally cooling down! It is so nice to just have a light sweater on while you are outside and there is a slight breeze in the air. I Love fall! Another one of my favorite things was, The Hubs and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner date. We went to a Mexican restaurant that we hadn’t been to in years. Their food is sssooooo…



Yesterday started out like any other ordinary day around here, school, work, cook dinner…  BUT, it turned out to be one very eventful day! Over the past couple of days we have been making some Thanksgiving craft/art projects. The craft we made yesterday was our Thankful Turkey. Bryce and I glued all the feathers and feet on with a hot glue gun. On the back of each feather is something he is thankful for. Some of his feathers got a…



How much is to much screen time? You hear from specialists, doctors etc. about limiting the amount of screen time a child has. That it can have negative effects if they have to much “screen time.” I did some research on what “they”(generalizing of course) say is negative about it. All I found in reading a couple of studies is that the majority were concerned about the lack of movement/exercise that the child could miss out on . Also the…



Hi!!! Today I am sharing with you a homeschool day where everything was “clicking.”  Just a peek though… When I say clicking, I mean that all cylinders were firing on this day. (I didn’t even define “clicking,” I just answered it with another idiom!) You know those days where you have been working on a specific subject and it isn’t sinking in? Well today IT sunk in!  It is a b-e-a-utiful thing! I love that in this curriculum they incorporate…



The last three days have gone by so fast!!!  I have been trying to take more pictures because, it’s just flying by. Which means I need to take more video as well. There is always things we need to do more of, right? So the last three days I tried to capture more in the life moments. Friday- At his Friday class, it was themed as pajama day! He refused to wear his pajamas to school.   So I got…



We had a great Halloween, a little over whelming but overall a good day. In the morning we did school and them we made these really cool spiders.  The instructions said that we just needed regular glue; but that wasn’t cutting it. I had to break out my handy-dandy hot glue gun! He loved it! That was the first time I had let him us the hot glue gun, but he did a great job. Aren’t they cute!? Then in…



We carved a PUMPKIN! Bryce wanted to carve a bat to represent, Batman.  I am not surprised, it always has to do with some type of super-hero! I drew the best bat that I could draw onto a pumpkin with a sharpie, then Jer cut it out with a little pumpkin knife. The star on top was for Little Saster. She was only interested when she recognized that the shape was a star, otherwise it was back to drawing on…


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