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  • Back to School – 2019!

    Back to School – 2019!
  • Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products

    Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products
  • Tips on Packing For a Summer Road trip

    Tips on Packing For a Summer Road trip
  • Road Trip 2019 – Utah Randomness, Pt. 5

    Road Trip 2019 – Utah Randomness, Pt. 5


I haven’t really shared with you what we have been doing for “summer school.” Now you hear summer school and are like, “it’s summer why do you make your kids do school?!?” Well you will be surprised how fast our brains forget. So anyway, we don’t do school eeeeveryday!  We have been doing school on average of 2/3 times a week and when I say “school” it’s not learning a whole lot of new things it’s mostly review so we…



Yesterday we cleaned all the water troughs in the calf pens.  We generally clean their water troughs about every 7-10 days, BUT we have been doing it more frequently due to the extreme heat.  I have noticed the more we have been cleaning the water troughs the more water they have been drinking which is good for their digestive system, hydration levels and overall health. Bryce and I have took it upon ourselves to make it our job that we…



On Sunday we took the kids down to the beach!  We figured that we haven’t been to the beach in seven or eight years. Brother had been asking to go to the beach so he could play in the sand with his tractors of all things. Instead of just saying yeah sure lets go! We made a behavior chart, and he had to earn x-amount of stickers and he could choose splash pad or beach. Obviously by now you know…



Today…I am just posting a few pics I snapped with my phone. No recipe, organizing or homeschool pics… Simple day in the life sorta stuff! Here we were checking on how some of the new calves were doing; since we finally got a break in the heat.  She was also pretending to drink the water! You can just see the joy in her eyes watching that little calf drink. NOW…on to the big guy, who is only 6 by the…



Here, I am going to show you how I make homemade salsa. I have learned how to make homemade salsa from watching my Grammy (who’s Mexican, not that it matters) make it my entire life. The basics I have learned from her, but I have made it my own since. In Mexican families everybody makes their salsa’s a little different, some like it hot, more garlic, no onion etc…BUT there is no wrong way to make a salsa. If your…



We just finished the side yard cement project and extending the driveway to the rv gates. It is SO NICE to have this finally done!  The kids love riding on their scooters, bikes, cars…  Another GREAT thing is now we can pull a vehicle back behind the gates. Here are some before pics.  Here is where we extended the driveway. All the prep-work, before the pour… Brother and Sassy loved watching the cement truck. Bryce could of sat there for…



This past week we added two new books to our collection. They are both by Ree Drummond, you probably know her best from her cooking show on Food Network. I was on her blog the other day and say on the right-hand side a picture of these books that she had written, so I linked over to Amazon to check them out.  I took some looks inside the books and saw a couple of sample pages and ordered them right…


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